Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am truly honored to have just been awarded an Honest Scrap Award by the blog, Words, Words, Words, a blog that I actually love to check in with from time to time because she’s always reading and passing on something juicy.

The one condition of the award is that I list ten Honest Scraps about my own self and here they be:

  1. I don’t like to cook though I like the idea of cooking.
  2. I took so many walks with my parents (separately) as a child that it is in my blood and I have always walked a lot.
  3. I want to become a better photographer and like to practice. My favorite things to photograph are strangers in the street who are not aware of me watching them. I find faces beautiful. And I love old architecture.
  4. I love really good desserts.
  5. I love dogs and cats. In that order.
  6. I wish I had a pied-a-terre in New York City. And Paris. And…
  7. I haven’t slept the last two nights. Hardly.
  8. I just got my first iPod and am a little frightened by how easy it is to get new music. It used to be something I had to think long and hard about, and then usually postpone.
  9. I think Obama is a great and historic figure.
  10. I still think Bob Dylan is the greatest.

And now I'd like to thank my producer...

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