Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Morning Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted – either here or at Mostly Memoir. It’s been a very full time schedule-wise and I’ve gotten behind on my typing. I write pretty much everything long-hand.

This morning I was inspired to set other things aside and type up my work. It is an act of defiance and self-strengthening and empowerment. I was beginning to go down. To let the drudgery of the 9-5 get me down, to let other people’s opinions get me down.

It is easy when you are doing something as unsupported as undisguised personal writing to feel alone and to even be tempted to dismiss your work. A form of suicide. I am so happy to have revisited my writing by typing it up and posting it. Oh god, I feel better.


Oneperson said...

Thanks for sharing this Marta!!!

Gosh, can I relate. Upon reading this I thought, "So, it's not just me..." that goes through the aloneness, the dismissiveness, the "others' opinions" syndrome.

This reader is so glad you put fingers to the keyboard!


Marta Szabo, Curator said...

Thank you, dear oneperson. Yes, it's great to have good company.

Anonymous said...

I have so much writing that I have promised to myself to type up. Thank you for this post!