Sunday, April 26, 2009


I think that writing memoir is the most potent action I can take in this world.

When I sit down to write – not an easy place to get to – I feel all my energies and abilities come into one focus, one laser point – I feel like a bird, pausing in mid-air, then plummeting down into the waves, intent on that one fish that will save it.

I write, then come up for air, then look at what I have unearthed. It usually looks like just a handful of dust, not worth much. I could easily toss it out and forget about it. But I don’t. Not anymore. I add it to the pile. I am not sure what I am building, but this is all I have. For some reason, it is my most precious thing, the one thing that feels purely my own.


Anonymous said...

From deep inside, this important cry for real stories from one who writes them boldly.

Oneperson said...

I've enjoyed reading your various writings and look forward to getting your book in the not-too-distant future.

You've also added another breeze in blowing me toward penning my memoirs. I've avoided it, one reason being that I don't like to write long drawn out stuff. Another being perfectionism. Yuck!!! :-D

After reading some on your blogs, I realized my pennings don't have to be long, nor chronological. Thus I have started.

btw: When composing poetry, I enter that other space, that focus. It is as if time stands still and I feel a connection to myself that goes beyond everyday perception...magic strokes upon the page. I have a poem about that: